Optimizing Your Resume

If you haven’t done a resume recently, it’s time to brush up on the most current trends. You may have heard of Search Engine Optimization for websites, but it may not strike a chord when you think about your resume. Once you have written your basic resume, you should pump it up with keywords that align your qualifications with the positions you are seeking. If you do, computerized and human search engines are more likely to find a match in you! Here’s how to go about it.

1. Review the job posting

Pay attention to the title of the position, experience, skills and education in the job postings on our website. These are really good sources of industry keywords. These can be helpful terms to help you describe your experience. If they do, include them appropriately in your resume.

2. Job descriptions

Your recruiter is likely to have more detailed job descriptions of the position or types of positions you are interested in. Ask to see the full job descriptions, they often give a broader range of qualifications than a job posting. You may find more ways that your experience can match up with the requirements. Then you can also use the company’s lingo in the context of your resume.

3. Positions/Titles

Hiring managers like to see resumes that contain a matching title for the position or a level below the position to secure candidates with relevant experience and skills. If you see a match to your experience, make sure your titles reflect it. If you happen to have a title that is unique or a less commonly known term, change it to reflect something the employer can tell is an equivalent to what they are looking for.

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This post was authored by Actuarial Careers Staff.

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