What’s in it for you?

Have you ever wondered if you should use a recruiter for you next position? If you haven’t considered it, you should. When you do, make sure the recruiter is reputable and not one who just takes your resume and adds it to the stack they email blast out to anyone who will take it. Your recruiter should always get your approval before the send out your resume.
Here are some strong reasons in favor of working with a recruiter. They don’t include the reasons that make us so different and special, because we only place actuaries. If you are one, you know our reputation. We don’t know anyone else who does things as well as we do, but we do know many recruiters that will give you these advantages:

• Someone to represent you
• Information and negotiation assistance you don’t get when you go unrepresented
• Knowing details about the job beyond the job description
• Insight into the company
• Resume assistance and review
• Interview coaching
• Interview feedback

This post was authored by Actuarial Careers Staff.

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