Candidate Services

Actuarial Careers, Inc.®, offers candidates the opportunity to work with our top-notch professional team, recognized throughout the actuarial community for dedication, service, and results.

Our process begins with an inquiry from a prospective candidate, followed by a confidential evaluation of the candidate’s career, an overview of the job market and, ultimately, the targeting of key positions compatible with the candidate’s area of actuarial expertise. The first step we suggest is exploring opportunities within a candidate’s current organization even before outside opportunities are considered. Internal advancement is frequently a viable alternative. A candidate’s career growth and advancement is always our primary objective, and confidentiality is fundamental to our services.

If external opportunities prove to be a candidate’s best option, Actuarial Careers, Inc.® maintains a state-of-the-art, proprietary database that tracks every major employer of actuaries and provides the most up-to-date information possible regarding the availability and specifications of open positions. Our professional expertise combined with advanced technology enables the Actuarial Careers® team to identify the most desirable opportunities — in terms of salary, responsibility, professional growth, and geographical location.

We present each candidate on a highly selective basis to the companies of their choice, and only with their permission. We are responsive, provide accurate information, and are creative in locating the best possible positions for each individual candidate’s specific profile and career requirements.

Ask any of the thousands of actuaries and employers who have used our professional services for a reference.


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